The Capitol Preservation Committee started the commemorative ornaments in 1999.  Below you will find an entire listing of the ornaments and the year that they were issued.  If "Sold Out" is marked beside the ornament, we no longer have any and won't be receiving another shipment.

1999 Capitol Building Exterior (Hunter Green Box) - SOLD OUT

2000 Millennium Ornament - Interior Rotunda/Dome (Navy Blue Box) - SOLD OUT

2001 Angel of Light Ornament - Rotunda (Burgundy Box)

2002 Liberty Stained Glass Window Ornament - House Chamber (Red Box) - SOLD OUT

2003 Progress Toward Unity Ornament - Senate Chamber (Gold Box) - SOLD OUT

2004 Commonwealth Statue Ornament - Exterior Dome (Lime Green Box) - SOLD OUT

2005 Apotheosis Ornament - House Chamber (Navy Blue Box) - SOLD OUT

2006 Capitol 100th Anniversary Ornament (Multicolored Box) - SOLD OUT

2007 Divine Law Ornament - Supreme Court (Orange Box)

2008 Cherub Light Standard Ornament - Governor's Reception Room (Navy Blue Box)

2009 Capitol Exterior Ornament - Center Portico (White Box) - SOLD OUT

2010 Winter Scene Ornament (Blue & White Box)

2011 Rotunda Christmas Tree Ornament (Hunter Green Box)

2012 Capitol Exterior Ornament - Full View (White Box) - SOLD OUT

2013 Hours Mural Ornament - House Chamber (Navy Blue Box)

2014 Architecture Ornament - Senate Chamber (Hunter Green Box)

2015 Interior Dome Ornament - Rotunda (Gold Box with Navy Lid)

2016 Capitol Holiday Ornament (Gold Box with Red Lid)

2017 Commonwealth Ornament (White Box)

2018 3D Capitol Dome Ornament (Gold Box with Green Lid)

2019 Capitol Tree Ornament (Black Box)